nüvi: Montana

Before you can hit the trail, you have to find the trail head. Urban or sub-urban, the Montana has you covered. No longer is a second GPSr required for spoken turn-by-turn directions. The Garmin Montana is equipped with the best of both worlds. The Montana will get you there.

Combine your favorite routable maps (Garmin City Navigator® or OpenStreet) with the nüvi dashboard and the Garmin Montana will provide the basic functions of a stand alone Garmin nüvi® GPSr.

All essential nüvi features required for computer guided navigation are supported by the Montana, including:
  • Lane Assist
  • Spoken turn-by-turn driving directions with street names (requires TTS voice and Automotive Cradle)

These advanced nüvi features are not supported by the Montana:
  • Traffic Alerts
  • 3-D Landmarks & Terrain
  • Enhanced Exit Services
  • BirdsEye and photoReal™ Junction View
  • Intelligent routing with Garmin Guidance 3.0
  • Hands-free voice-activated navigation
  • Hands-free calling and messaging

nüvi: Function

nuvi diagram.png

1. Next Turn

2. Navigation Header

3. Map Zoom

4. Posted Speed Limit

5. Setup Map

6. Info Box Right

7. Info Box Left

8. Exit

9. Compass

Next Turn


Select the Next Turn button to display a list of remaining turns and maneuvers for the currently active route

Dashboard nuvi 05.png

Select any step in the route list to view detailed information for the corresponding maneuver

Navigation Header


Select the Navigation Header button to display detailed information for the corresponding maneuver

Map Zoom

Map Zoom Buttons.png

Adjust the current display scale to show or hide more map information

Speed Limit

nuvi Speed Limit US 25mph.png nuvi Speed Limit US 30mph.png nuvi Speed Limit US 35mph.png nuvi Speed Limit US 60mph.png
Displays posted speed limit when available

Setup Map

Setup Map Menu 1 L.png

Direct access to [Setup | Map]

Info Box Right

nuvi info R 60mph.png nuvi info R 71mph Red.png
Displays current vehicle speed (turns Red when exceeding posted speed limit)

nuvi trip computer - auto dash.png

Select the right Info Box to access the Trip Computer

nuvi trip computer option menu.png

Manage Trip Computer Options via the Menu Button

Info Box Left

nuvi info L Distance 2 Destination.pngnuvi info L Elevation.pngnuvi info L ETA.pngnuvi info L Heading E.pngnuvi info L Time of Day.pngnuvi info L Time 2 Destination.png
Select the left Info Box and choose the desired information to be displayed

nuvi info L menu - no destination.png

Options while Not Navigating (without active destination)

nuvi info L menu - with destination 1.png

nuvi info L menu - with destination 2.png

Options while Navigating (with active destination)


Dashboard nuvi 00.png

Closes the Map Application and returns to the main menu for the active profile


Dashboard nuvi 06.png

Select the Compass Arrow to exit Automotive Mode (3D)

Dashboard nuvi 07.png

Select the Compass Arrow to alternate between North Up and Track Up

Dashboard nuvi 08.png

Exit and restart the Map Application to return to Automotive Mode (3D)